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Lilly The American Bully's Muzzle Monday Story

Each Muzzle Monday post provides an opportunity to celebrate owners and their pets who use muzzles, share their "why we muzzle" stories as well as work to breakdown the stigma that "a muzzled dog is a bad dog".

This week, we are honored to share Lilly's Muzzle Monday Story!

Lilly is a 100% American Bully who is living in Up State New York.

Lilly's story is one that helps us see not only the importance of socialization periods in puppies, but also how essential safely introducing a dog who has had limited experiences with other dogs can be in order to avoid additional trauma or negative experiences.

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Why does Lilly use a muzzle?

There are 3 main reasons that Lilly wears a muzzle:
Introducing her to new dogs, vet visits and to create space on walks

Introducing Lilly to new dogs

With Lilly's lack of socialization the first few years of her life, she is learning how to appropriately interact and play with other dogs. Using a muzzle allows us to do this safely especially with her being dog selective and pretty intense when playing!

Vet Visits

Vets are humans too. Some just aren't comfortable getting in the face of an intimidating, large breed dog. Especially when that dog is nervous around strangers, especially strange women.

Creating Space on Walks

People will avoid us and give us more space with a muzzle on (because of its stigma) so we have to worry MUCH less about grabby adults or children or uncontrolled dogs coming into our space. It's really counterintuitive if think you think about it because a muzzled dog is much safer than a non-muzzled dog which people are happy to approach and grab in inappropriate ways that make the dog uncomfortable, but I'm not complaining, I like the space. I'm not a social person either!


Because Lilly's owner has chosen to muzzle train Lilly, she has been able to begin learning how to appropriately greet and play with dogs, keep their vet safe while doing routine visits as well as creating a positive experience for Lilly on walks!

Thank you so much for sharing your story with us as well as the Muzzle Supporting community!

Without you sharing your story, we wouldn't be able to do any of this!

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