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Rhea the Classic American Bully's Muzzle Monday Story

Each Muzzle Monday post provides an opportunity to celebrate owners and their pets who use muzzles, share their "why we muzzle" stories as well as work to breakdown the stigma that "a muzzled dog is a bad dog".

This week, we are honored to share Rhea's Muzzle Monday Story!

Rhea is an incredible American Pitbull who is absolutely adored by her family!

Rhea's story is one that shows the importance of muzzle training early on in your dog's life as you never know what may happen happen in your dog's life!

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Why did you choose to muzzle train Rhea?

I chose to muzzle train my pup originally because of the fact that if I were to ever get into a car accident the emts will muzzle my dog and I didn’t want her to be scared. We continued muzzle training because she got attacked by a dog who ripped her ear open causing the fear aggression to turn into reactivity.

What muzzle does Rhea use & When do you use it?

We use a Leerburg muzzle size 15. Anytime she goes anywhere outside of our house the muzzle is with us either on her or being carried just in case.

What advice do you have for owners who are thinking about muzzle training their pup but are hesitant?

Don’t be scared to muzzle train. Not only can it save your dogs life but it can also build a stronger bond between you and your pup. It takes confidence for a dog to wear a muzzle and the more confidence you give them the more opt they will be to wear the muzzle.

What high value item did you use to help positively condition the muzzle?

Lots and lots of hot dogs. That’s her favorite treat and it causes her to focus much better.


Because Rhea's owner chose to muzzle train her earlier in life, the transition to using the muzzle after the dog attack was much easier and less stressful on both Rhea and her owners.

Thank you so much for sharing your story with us as well as the Muzzle Supporting community!

Without you sharing your story, we wouldn't be able to do any of this!

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